For as little as $3.50 a person per hour, Triple Nines can supply a venue that is not affected by the weather and offers everyone a way to get their heart rate up without putting a dent in the family or company budget.

Triple Nines can also supply food and beverages for groups that use the facility here. In addition to a full bar, we can provide a  selection of soft beverages, bottled water, and other non-alcoholic beverages. Also available is a selection of petite sandwiches, cold salads, fresh vegetable platters, and fruit platters. When using our facility for a party catering is available, guests are also welcome to bring their own food for a small clean-up fee.

Have your party or meeting here at lunch time, midday, early evening or late at night. We are flexible! Call 410-799-1818 or contact us to set up your next get-together.